Storage Units in Jacksonville Florida

Storage Units in Jacksonville Florida

December 11, 2017 Off By Jeff Boone

Did you just move into a smaller house and you no longer have enough space to fit all of your stuff? This is the perfect reason to rent a storage unit. However, you might be having second thoughts about the renting because of all the horror stories youâ??ve heard from other people. But if you know where to look, it is possible to find a trustworthy storage company. Here are some additional tips on how you should go about selecting storage units in Jacksonville Florida.

Pick the Right Size

One of the most important things you need to consider is the size of the storage unit. Before you even rent a unit, you probably have an idea about what size to get based on the things that you will put inside. However, you should not pick a unit that doesnâ??t leave much room once all the items are inside. Surely, you want to have at least a little room to work with. By getting a unit that gives you some extra room, you can ensure that you wouldnâ??t have to remove all the items just to get to a box thatâ??s hiding in the back.

Consider Special Needs

Do you need to store items that are temperature-sensitive? In this case, it is a must to get a climate controlled storage unit. Most of the storage units you will find our garaging style units located outdoors. But if you want to ensure that your items will not sustain damage, it is important to consider your special needs. Also, donâ??t forget to consider the security and monitoring system of the storage company. Verify whether your homeownerâ??s insurance policy covers the things you keep in a storage unit.

Check Reviews

Just like choosing any kind of service, it is helpful to read reviews of the storage facility you plan on using. By now, you should know that online reviews shouldnâ??t be taken as Bible truth. It is very easy nowadays to manufacture these reviews in an attempt to make a particular company look good. If possible, try to speak with friends or family members who have used a storage company in the past and ask for their feedback.

Compare Gate Hours

Of course, it is important to determine the gate hours of the storage facility. Gate hours refer to the time window within which you can access your storage unit. Do not confuse this with office hours, which referred to the time within which you can speak to staff members of the company in case you have any problems. Be on the lookout for storage facilities that close a very early and on weekends.

Choosing storage units in Jacksonville Florida shouldnâ??t be as stressful as finding an apartment. But just like finding a trustworthy landlord, you need to take the time to find a reputable storage facility so you can feel confident in storing your items in their storage units. By doing your homework, you will find an affordable storage unit that offers plenty of space to accommodate your possessions.